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Learning Opportunities


If you are interested in discussing how to learn how to shoot skeet or other clay target sports, a good approach is to talk with an NSSA Certified Instructor. A little instruction can go a long way towards getting started or improving your game. We are fortunate to have a number of Members/Directors who are also Certified Instructors and provide personalized lessons at the Ben Avery Clay Target Center. We can also discuss options for youth participants and guide you toward the local SCTP Clubs (Scholastic Clay Target Program), NSSA two day Youth Camps, Customized Instructional Classes, other specialized instructors (Trap, Sporting Clays), or other clubs at Ben Avery that have introductory Instruction and Leagues. For more information contact either of the following:


Mike O'Keefe

NSSA Master Instructor and NSSA Zone 7 Skeet Instructor



Brian Trapp

NSSA Level III Skeet Instructor


To become an NSSA Instructor, contact Mike O'Keefe or go to the NSSA Website at and search under Instructors and Become an Instructor


Useful Link for League Play:

NSSA Youth Camps

Clay Busters of Arizona sponsors Two Day NSSA Youth Skeet camps at least twice a year at the Ben Avery Clay Target Center. The camps are run at cost with 100% volunteer labor. Typically the enrollment is 15-20 students with a 3:1 instructor to student ratio. We work closely with the local SCTP clubs for participants and it's a great way for a youth shooter to learn the fundamentals correctly early in the development of their skeet shooting game!


Xavier College Prep Camp

Clay Target Nation February '18

Become an Instructor

Becoming an NSSA Certified Instructor is a rewarding experience, enabling you to pass on skills that will be enjoyed for a lifetime. The NSSA Standards provide a structured, standardized approach to teaching the game of Skeet correctly, helping ensure that good habits are developed early and reinforced. In most cases, new instructors improve their own game as well, since being able to identify improvement opportunities is part of becoming an instructor! If you're already a competitive skeet shooter and are interested in becoming an NSSA Certified Instructor, take a look at the NSSA-NSCA website at and click on "Instructors" and then "become an Instructor". You can also contact Mike O'Keefe directly at for more details and qualifications.

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